General Policies and Procedures Rental Rates: Weekend rates are charged for 1 to 3 days. The reservation can be extended to our weekly rate of 4-7 day coverage. All reservations need to be specified when reserved. Quotes and estimates do not guarantee availability of rental items. All charges are for time out whether used or not. Reservations/Deposits/Payment/Cancellation: A minimum deposit of 25% of the total amount of the invoice is required for all orders under $1000 at the time of confirmation. If not your order will remain on quote status and reserved for the days stated on the estimate to the date that it was sent out. By paying the deposit, you agree to the terms and condition of the rental contract. This deposit is nonrefundable. For all orders over $1000 there is a required 50% deposit. There is a 30 day cancellation period to receive half of the amount in a refund. Thirty days from the time the deposit was received Equipment numbers must be presented to DAD'S Tents two weeks prior to the event to adjust the invoice accordingly; otherwise the whole order will be delivered. If weather conditions become severe and customers cancel order, full price will still apply to each order. Additions can made at any time before delivery based on availability. No orders are confirmed for delivery unless the deposit has been made by the customer. Delivery Policy/Set Up/Teardown: Deliveries are scheduled week of event date. Teardowns will be within two days prior to the event date based on weather conditions. The delivery fee is a service that is provide on the distance to event location to which this applies. Equipment/items are delivered and picked up to an area that can be delivered within 50 ft by truck. Any area within an elevator, gated are or steps will result in additional charges to be incurred by the customer. Delivery does not include set-up or teardown of equipment (with exception of tents and dance floors). We do offer setup and teardown at an additional fee. The customer must provide a written diagram to DAD'S Tents for this service to be added to contract. Delivered items are to be stacked and ready for pickup, NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to break down and stack equipment will result in an additional fee starting at $25.00 for DAD'S Tents to do so. Equipment: The customer is responsible for having the set up are clear of obstructions on the ground and overhead. Contact person is required to be onsite or have a representative present during installation. Tent will not be moved once erected. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect rented equipment/items to ensure they are in proper working condition. If not, the customer must contact DAD'S Tents at once to ensure replacement or repair to the equipment. If no contact is made about possible non-working items, DAD'S Tents is not responsible to refund or discount from customer’s invoiced amount. The customer/renter holds DAD'S Tents harmless and not liable for any accidents that may occur on rented equipment. Customer/renter is responsible for any and all loses, damages, and/or injuries to real property, persons or otherwise, claimed during or arising out this rental agreement. Renter will not sublease or loan the rental items(s) without written permission from DAD'S Tents  *We can be reached after hours by calling our office number. Not reporting missing or damaged equipment at time of delivery will result in full charge to the customer/renter. Once DAD'S Tents is notified of problem we will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Weather: BDAD'S Tents has the discretion to cancel a delivery due to severe weather conditions. If weather becomes a factor in the customer’s event plans, deposit and order cancellation policy will apply. Each tent is a temporary structure and should be used as such. The tent should not be considered a safe shelter in high winds or lighting storm. We recommend evacuation of the tent to seek appropriate shelter in safer location until the storm has passed. Customer’s Responsibility: Customer/renter is responsible to read and understand their contract. We suggest an adult be present during delivery to specify where equipment is to be dropped or set up, sign confirmation and to make final payments to the contract. It is customer’s responsibility for correct measure of the setup area. No refunds will be made if the measurements are incorrect. If events are to be set up in an area that requires a permit, it is the customer’s responsibility for the application process and to obtain such permit. It is also the responsibility for the renter to pay all reasonable collection; attorney and court fees and other expenses involved in the collection of charges of enforcement of DAD'S Tents rights under this agreement. $35.00 will be charged to customers that have returned checks. Customer assumes all responsibility for damage, vandalism, mischief or theft of rental items. Responsibility for equipment remains with the customer from the time of pickup or delivery until the time of location pickup or return. Please be sure equipment is in a secure location when not in use and protected from the elements. Rentals left in the rain will sustain damage that the customer will be charged for. Fire pits and grills are prohibited with 100’ of the tents and any vinyl parts of the tents. Customers will be responsible for replacement or any cleaning fees that are incurred to each rental item. *For any reason a re-delivery occurs due to customer lack of responsibility or non-presence there will be an additional charged to that order. DAD'S Tents, PO Box 306, Rockford, MI  49341. (616)863-8988